I'm Dave Bunten

Crayon picture of me

I build websites!

I specialize in simple designs for the web, perfect for small to medium businesses.

This website is my testing grounds. When I start working on an idea or testing a new technology I do here. By selecting the links above you can get see a couple of my current projects or send me an email.

In case your interested this website is currently an experiment with one page web design. The whole site is loaded at once as a single page. JavaScript is used to slide the page around when a link is clicked. Play with the links to see it in action. This leaves a lot of room for personalization in the slide motion.

Current Projects

Below are the sites I am currently working on, each has their own needs and wants. All of these projects utilize ModX Content Management Framework. I prefer to use ModX - it comes as a very basic management framework, with flexibility to build upon it to maitain a site that takes advantage of simplicity or a full scale enterprise solution.

Picture of 7th St website Picture of Sharks website Picture of Melanie's website

Contact Me

Thanks for the interest. Please fill out the form below and I will get back with you via email as quickly as I can. Please provide as much information as possible about your request.